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Prof.Dr. S. Seyhan Tükel
Vice Rector

Extension Line 2397,2346
Direct Dialing (322) 338 67 29
Fax (322)
Address Rectorate of Çukurova University
Balcalı, Sarıçam / ADANA 01130
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Curriculum Vitae


Mrs. Tukel was born in Mut, Mersin, in 1954. She got her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Middle East Technical University in 1976. She got her master's degree from the same department in 1979 and her doctoral degree from Çukurova University, Institute of Health Sciences Biochemistry Department.

Prof. Tukel became an associate professor at the biochemistry department in 1989 and was appointed to Çukurova University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Chemistry Department, the same year. He founded the Biochemistry Department. She was raised to full professorship in 1994 and continues to work in the said department.

She has been the advisor to five completed doctoral dissertations and nineteen master's degrees. Prof. Tukel has fourty-one essays published in international refereed journals, 12 essays published in national refereed journals, fourty

papers presented in international scientific conferences and thirty-five papers presented in national journals.Prof. Tukel was a member of Institute of Sciences Board of Directors and head of chemistry department, and has been vice dean of Faculty of Science and Letters since 2000. Prof. Tukel was appointed to the position of Çukurova University vice rector on 6 august 2012.

Prof.Tukel is married with 2 children.


Cukurova University Rectorate 01330 Balcali, Saricam / Adana / Turkey Phone: 0 (322) 338 60 84 Fax: 0 (322) 338 69 45 KEP:
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