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Administrative Board of Çukurova University

Prof.Dr. Mustafa Kibar Rector


Prof.Dr. M. Bülent Torun
Dean of Faculty of Agriculture
Prof.Dr. Hilmi Serdar Özbarlas Dean of Faculty of Medicine
Prof.Dr. Halime Ömür Paksoy Dean of Faculty of Science and Letters
Prof.Dr. Mesut Başıbüyük Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Prof.Dr. Süha Berberoğlu Dean of Faculty of Architecture
Prof.Dr. Fikret Dülger Dean of Faculty of Economics and Adm. Sci.
Prof.Dr. Ahmet Doğanay  
Dean of Faculty of Education
Prof.Dr. Orhan Tufan Eroldoğan Dean of Faculty of Fisheries
Prof.Dr. M. Serdar Toroğlu  Dean of Faculty of Dentistry
Prof.Dr. Ali Osman Ateş Dean of Faculty of Theology
Prof.Dr. Ahmet Hilmi Yücel 
Dean V. of Faculty of Fine Arts
Prof.Dr. Fatih Bilgili Dean of Faculty of Law
Prof.Dr. Hatice Çubukçu Dean of Faculty of Communication
Prof.Dr. Ahmet Mahmut Kılıç
Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Ceyhan
Prof.Dr. Nuran Öğülener Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof.Dr. Serkan Yılmaz Kandır Dean of Faculty of Economics of Kozan
Prof.Dr. Mehmet Çelik Dean of Faculty of Veterinary of Ceyhan
Prof.Dr. Rengin Güzel 
Dean Faculty of Health Sciences
Prof.Dr. Osman Metin Yavuz
Selected Member (Faculty of Medicine)
Prof.Dr. Beşir Şahin Selected Member (Faculty of Engineering and Architecture)
Prof.Dr. Hatice Sofu Selected Member (Faculty of Education)

Reporter: Nazan Karataş


In the presidency of rector, administrative board of the university is composed of deans and three professors that are selected for a four year period by the senate to represent various areas of instructions and units. If the rector considers it necessary, he calls the university administrative board to a meeting. Vice rectors can join the administrative board meeting without having voting right. University administrative board is a collateral unit for the rector in administrative activities:

* To help the rector, in the direction of designated plans and programs, on execution of decisions of higher education institutions and senate,

* To guarantee the execution of activity plans and programs, to investigate the investment plan and draft budget proposal by taking into consideration the suggestions of the units affiliated to the university and present them to the rector with their own suggestions,

* To take decisions on the subjects that rector brings about university administration,

* To adjudicate the objections that are done to the faculty, institute and vocational school administrative boards' decisions by analyzing them,

* To do the other duties that are given to them by law.

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