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Çukurova University Balcalı Campus, which was established on 20 thousands decare terrain in east coast of Seyhan Dam Lake, is a natural park land due to its admirable view. The university, which is only 10 km far from city center, is among major universities of our country due to its modern substructure and modern facilities meeting every requirement of its student and staff. The establishment of the university, which is ranked at the first 500 in gradation of World's Universities and within the first five in gradation of our country, was founded in 1973. Adana Faculty of Agriculture founded as a part of Ankara University in 1969 and Çukurova Faculty of Medicine founded as a part of Erzurum Atatürk University in 1972 are major education institutions which were united under Çukurova University. The university which had only two faculties in the beginning,  has 17 faculties, 5 Colleges, 12 Vocational Schools, 1 State Conservatory, 3 Institutes and 25 Research and Application Centers.


The university has modern classrooms and lecture halls providing a comfortable and healthy setting for students to follow their courses.

Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan Conference Center consists of two halls, which are used for scientific and cultural events, and are equipped with the latest technology with the capacity of 450 and 150 people. It was named after the first rector of Çukurova University, Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan. Mithat Özsan Conference Center receives the exhibitions with large foyer with the capacity of 450 people. As Faculty of Agriculture Akif Kansu Conference Hall hosts scientific and cultural events with the capacity of 150 people. Multi-purpose salon with rotating stage and with the capacity of 120 people, named as Afifa Jale Theatre, serves as important location for art events. There is also the Hippocrates Conference Hall with the capacity of 360 people in Faculty of Medicine in Balcalı Hospital. Open air theatre with the capacity of 3.500 people, which is located within campus and draws attention due to its modern architecture, is also used in variety events such as concerts and plays.


Besides the most important hospital complex of region, there are medico social unit, housings, social facilities, guest houses, halls and pitches for all kinds of sports, nursery schools, market, cafeterias, cafes, buffets and canteens that serve throughout the day to students and staff, post and phone service units, bank offices, a printing house equipped with modern machines and central library. Thus, it is aimed to meet every requirement of students and staff. Çukurova University Central Library has 800 readers capacity. It is one of the twelve European Union Documentation Centers in Turkey.



Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution ‘s Fevzi Cakmak Dormitory consists of 1.296 beds for female student and 1.516 beds for male student and has 2.812 total bed capacity, within Balcalı Campus of university that hosts thousands of students come for education in every year. There are also dormitories serving to students in the city center out of campus. Students benefit from private dormitories and dormitories belonging to Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution in Osmaniye province and Ceyhan County where colleges exist. There is a dormitory of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution with the capacity of 356 students, consisting of 246 beds for female students and of 110 beds for male students in Osmaniye; there is another dormitory with the capacity of 501 students, consisting of 171 beds for female students and of 330 beds for male students in Ceyhan county of Adana province. A new dormitory with 1000 student’s capacity has been built within the campus to solve the housing problems of our students.


Social and cultural events arreally important in Çukurova University besides educational and scientific studies. In this context, various cultural events such as conferences, seminars, panels, conferences, symposium, exhibitions, displays, theater plays, anconcerts are carried out. Department of Fine Arts affiliated tRectorate of the University and Culture and Art Centerwhich carry out works under the General Office of Health, Culture and Sports,  help students benefit from their free times regarding their areas of interest, lead them to new fields and create recreation and entertainment opportunities for them. Students who applied to Department of Fine Arts and Culture and Art Center are trained in various art branches by experts and experienced lecturers and they are provided to develop their skills. Students both have the opportunitof expressinthemselves via eventwhich theorganize in the communities where they are members and share their skills with their friends and people at the university.  These are the programs which students could take courses during the educatioperiod if thewishTurkish Folk Music, Turkish Art Music, Baglama (instrument with three double strings), Folklore, Turkish Folk Dances, Wind Instruments, Tamboura, Oud, ZitherPianoPop Guitar, Classic Guitar, Vocal TrainingPainting, Ornament Arts, arHistoryLeather Handicrafts, PhotographTheater And Cinema. Also there arworkrooms belonginto Student Council and student clubs in Culture and Art Center building, and students could exhibit their creativity by expressing themselves freely.


There are sports halls that every kinof sports could be performed, indooswimming pool, football pitches, tennis courts, open-air volleyball and basketball pitches in Cukurova Universitthat adopts as a principle that students arhealthboth physically and spiritually. People ouof the universitcould benefit from the facilities within thuniversity.

Sakıp Sabancı Sports and ExhibitioRoom thahas 5600 centare indooarea, telescopic tribunes and a capacity of 3500 people is located at the university. The roowas built properlfor the concert anvarious organizations to be carried out besides sports competitions. Özdemir Sabancı IndooSwimminPool located in Balcalı Campus and builby Hacı Ömer Sabancı Foundatio(VAKSA) is onothmosmodern facilities othe region. Except for indoor swimminpool in Balcalı Campus, there are sports angym halls, grass and astro football pitches, basketball pitches, tennis courts, athletic fields and also boathouse is located  on the lakeshore of Seyhan Barrage.


Social Facilities within campus, which is located on the lake sidof Seyhan Barrage and among the pine trees, anhas a unique viewconsist of guest houses and largdining halls. There is Social Facilities Guest House havin12 rooms and 24 bed capacities where guests cominto universitfosocial, scientific and cultural events coulmeet their all requirements, within campus. In additioto this, the university has a modern guest houshavin50 beds capacity.


Medicosocial Unit serves to protect body and mental health of students and university staff in the universityAlsothere is Çukurova University Balcalı Medical Faculty Hospital that has a capacity of 1250 beds and serves for totall2100 patients in a day. Specialist physicians  in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics, dermatological disorders, otolaryngology, general surgeryurology, paediatrics, family medicine and periodontal diseases at the center where studies in fielof health, psychological counselling and guidance, social services are made. Alsopsychologists, psychiatrists and psychological counsellors serve at the center. People applying to the center in order to get health service have an outpatient treatment, in casof necessitof further examination and treatmentthey artransferred to other health institutions, especially to Balcalı Faculty oMedicine Hospital. Also, hepatitis b vaccinations are injecteto students of FacultoDentistry and Medicinbeinwithithgrouof risks. Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit findsolutions related to adoptionpersonality, family, friendship aneducation problemof university students. Also, personal, group and family therapies are applied to people who have mental problems in this unit.  Social service specialists who work under Social Services Unit servby findinsolutionfor problems relateto education, accommodation and nutrition.


Cukurova University Rectorate 01330 Balcali, Saricam / Adana / Turkey Phone: 0 (322) 338 60 84 Fax: 0 (322) 338 69 45 KEP:
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