Cukurova International ELT Teachers Conferences (4th) CUELT 2018


Dear Participants of the Çukurova International ELT Teacher (CUELT 2018) Conferences (4th),

Each teaching practice is a unique journey that has to be structured along with specific dynamics of each classroom. Almost no practice can operate without some sort of modifications and refinements in initial plans practitioners have in mind before going into the classroom.  Several micro- and macro-contextual factors (e.g. learner differences, educational policies etc.) drive this need for constant change, which in turn urges practitioners to be engaged in incessant efforts to integrate some different and novel features into their practices.

As a result of these efforts, practitioners in the 21st century classrooms are conceived as innovative agents who strive for introducing novel implications based on the finite number of educational methodologies. With this in mind, the 4th Çukurova International ELT Teachers Conference is committed to bringing together ELT practitioners and academics to voice their innovative practices, share their multifaceted findings and exchange opinions about hot topics in ELT at an international forum.

As the fourth of a set of annual meetings, the 4th Çukurova International ELT Teachers Conference embraces a broad range of studies focusing on different aspects of ELT. The conference provides worthwhile opportunities to hear about novel practices in teaching the four major skills, integrating the 21st century skills, culture and educational technologies into language classrooms, and shaping teaching along with socio-affective factors. Besides, the conference includes presentations and workshops about current trends in pre-service and in-service teacher education.

Given the arduous task of organizing an international conference, I would like to thank the members of organizing committee for their dedication to make this event happen. Also, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kibar, the president of Çukurova University, to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Doğanay, the dean of Faculty of Education and the Embassy of the United States of America for providing support to organize this event.

Finally, I cordially thank and welcome each and every participant for their priceless contributions to our conference.  I hope the 4th Çukurova International ELT Teachers Conference will prove a forum sparking interest in further research and innovation.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Bedir

CUELT Conferences Chair