Cukurova University is committed to educate individuals who are open to improvement, development and who internalized the idea of democracy and share its scientific backgrounds with other scientific foundations and the society throughout the activities conducted in science, technology, art and research and development works.


Cukurova University’s vision is to be a model university which values its shareholders, and focuses on the quality of education with its scientific, cultural and art studies conducted on the behalf of people and nature.

Basic Principles

1. Sustaining the cultural concept of ‘big family’,

2. Working sensitively on the issues prioritizing the sustainability of natural sources, eco-system and environment

3. Integrating universal values through protecting the local values

4. Contribution to the science and art and carrying them into the future

5. Increasing the number of research and development activities aiming to enhance innovative products and services

6. Transparency and accountability provided by a democratic management mentality in the legal framework

7. Promoting the national and international academic collaboration

8. Contribution to regional development

9. The belief in carrying out the basic principles with its students, academic and administrative staff.