(1973-1976) (1979-1982) (1982-1987) (1987-1992)

We present our respects and gratitudes for your talented behoofs to Cukurova University from founding to retirement.

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan was born in Şebinkarahisar in 1925. He completed his elementary education and middle-school education in Şebinkarahisar, and high-school education in Antalya and İstanbul Vefa High-Schools. He was gratuated from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture in 1948. After finishing his millitary service, he worked in Rize Tea Factory for 5 years. He become a research assistant in Ankara University Fruit Growing and Improvement Department in 1954. He finished his doctorate degree in 1958 and become an associate professor in 1963. He was promoted as professor to Adana Faculty of Agriculture in 1972. After working as dean of Faculty of Agriculture between the years 1972 and 1973, for 1 year period, in 1973 he was elected as the first rector of Cukurova University. He was again selected as 3rd term rector of the University in 1979. He was selected 2 more times as rector to Cukurova University in 1982 and 1987. He worked as a rector for 16 years and at these periods he has done lots of work to improve Cukurova University from academic and physical points. Prof.Dr. Mithat Özsan was retired in 1992. Prof. Dr. Mithat Özsan is married with 2 children.