Application Procedure


The application of information acquisition is done with petition that contains applicant's name,surname,signature and current address or work address.This application can be done with electronically or other communication means on condition that they have the legal possibility of determining who wrote the identity and signed the signature through examining the writing.                               

The requested information or document is explicitly stated in the petition.                                               

The application of information acquisition should be related to information or documentation that in the hands of our university.                                              

Application for an information or document,that created as a result of separate or special study, research, review or analysis, can be rejected. Information or documents,published by our university or disclosed to public through publication,brochure,advertisement and similar ways, cannot be subject to application of information acquisition. On the other hand, applicants are informed about how,when or where informations and documents published or disclosed to public.                                               

Information Acquisition Unit of our University provides access to the wanted information or document in fifteen working days.If wanted information or document is provided from other units, cost amount of access to wanted information or document is notified to the applicant.Applicant is reckoned as relinquish demand if he/she does not pay the cost in fifteen working days.With applicant's completion of cost,time starts to run again but in this case time is 30 working days.

Applications of Information Unit are replied after the limitations prescribed by law are evaluated.Our university notifies answers about applications of information acquisition to applicant in writing or electronically.In case of refusal of application,the rationale for this decision and application procedures against it are indicated.The petitions or forms that include incorrect informations will not be processed.Although previously answered, the applications of same person and abstract applications will not be processed again and applicant is informed about this situation.                                               

The applicant whose information request is rejected in legal limitations,can object to Information Acquisition Evaluation Board in fifteen days from the notification of decision. Objection is done in writing. The Board makes decision in 30 working days.Applicant can also go directly to a court about rejection.                               

In case of not giving any positive or negative answer to the applicant, in accordance with article 10 of no.2577 Administrative Jurisdiction Procedures Law, it is reckoned as rejected with passing sixty days.                



Application Form for Natural Entity                               

Application Form for Legal Entity